Digital print on tarp, digital print 10*15, frames, silicone teeth, plastic cups, mastika, performance
︎    Zorro, Pavlikeni, Bulgaria
    Curated by Lars Nordby, Martin Petrov 

    • I am fine. I am gone.

As a final fantasy, it was looking for an iconicity in an ultimate and desperate move. It continued :

    • Please, let me exist

This is what it wanted since the beginning. No one knew what was its way of existence, and how we should help it. But a certain evidence whispered in our ears that it was right.

I had a doubt about its intention. If I had been in its position, I would prefer to vanish.

  • Why are you here ? I asked
  • I prevent myself to not be here thus I need you.

An heavy silence remained. It was the sound of this desert.

This desert composed exclusively of clay and sign dust.

  • I need you. Please do not abandon me.
  • Tell me, What shall I do ? What shall we do ?
  • Please, hate me.

It left me with confusion as my only company. It could not produce itself anymore.

Actually, yes it could. Therefore I was it.