Congrats! The less you win
Mixed media
︎ La petite maison, Schaerbeek, Bruxelles

    Congrats is about celebrating
something which lives and dies rather than a relative eternity.
Congrats is an installation which needs to be loved or to be hated, in order to produce
a social relationship between it and visitors. The visitors are invited to share even their
indifference towards it.
The installation is composed of prizes or gifts given to the audience. It offers parts of
itself. The gifts are bags of goods mostly containing various sculptures and carefully painted
chips bags. The gifted sculptures are mostly silicon prints of selected places in and out the
building. Colorful and quite abstract, these are open to become what the new owner decides
it to be : props, sculptures, carpets, toys, trash etc. Congrats ! These are won by the visitor
in entering the installation hosted by a strange oniric entity. The winning situation is almost a
pretext to input a certain value to the prizes and a desperate gesture to be loved in offering
itself to the audience.
The aim is also that the installation migrates, first in the building, treated as trash
or artefacts and then travel around as a souvenir from a specific place and espicially a
precise event. An economy and a social relation would be generated between audience(or
now participants) and objects. Consummed, kept, thrown away, all this would compose an
invasion of the installation in the building and set new values of the gained pieces. It also sets
new power relations between those who have and those who do not have.
Congrats turns into choregrapher by an input of simple gesture such as holding
pigmented bags throughout the building or cracking chips between teeth while visiting the
exhibition space. Are the roles reversed ? Does the objects owned the participants in an
insidious power ? Is this power a way for the installation to exist out of itself, to conquer
territory ?
Bags of goods are just reminiscence of the installation, or it could be rather the other
way around. The installation is somehow a being, always here but mutating through time and
space and marking its presence through color, posture, and song as thought Gilles Deleuze.
The question is who/what is making the territory ?
Bags and objects acts as proto-flags which extend Congrats existence and influence.
Congrats has to be performed by the audience who would empty the installation from
its original place. Pieces to be keep or thrown as a natural selection, would continue or end
its life after the show.
Congrats wants to make its way in time and space in an act situated in between
desper, love, ego, and power relations.